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I agree with Neil, pikey can be a racist term utilized to describe travellers, not a phrase you would desire a traveller listen to you declaring believe me.

Likewise, ‘bastard’ clearly usually means someone that is illegitimate, however you’re not basically implying another person is if you call them that. I myself am v a fan of calling another person a tosser while earning no judgements in regards to the frequency of their self pleasure.

I am able to visualize many extra.I’m initially from your North East of England,Some terms or phrases are Northern in origin.

We also say a biscuit in need of a packet when describing someone rather dim & stupid. Whenever they’re actually Silly it’s a couple of biscuits short of a packet.

I was informed chav was invented via the youthful girls at the school in Cheltenham and referred to These outside who had been Cheltenham Normal = ChAv

4640 A Trainer wanted to train her college students about self-esteem, so she asked anybody who believed they were being stupid to face up.

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By no means insult me like that once more. Far better that you just keep your mouth closed. I gave up my small children to be a sacrifice for my adore to suit your needs! Or did you overlook that!! By no means at any time say I didnt enjoy you once more!

At the time we didn't know what it intended but here didn't repeat the words all over again. However, we do utilize the text “foolish outdated bats”.

Dont neglect that Attractive description of someone unpleasant who is alleged to have a confront similar to a Bulldog chewing a wasp

Also A different most loved is ” he would shag a barbers ground if it experienced hair on it ” for your promiscuous male. Expat residing in click here the US for the last 2 years. I get some Odd appears when I use my British phrases

(It’s initially a shortening of ‘turnpike’) So when utilized for a non-Gypsy, it implies an outsider – a person using a chaotic uprooted Way of life who's not to be trustworthy or a person living off their wits, probably ‘criminally’.

I really don’t such as you but if you truly ought to leave a concept, I’ll be good and not less than pretend to treatment.

The phrase ‘pikie’ is mildly racist- as well as a bit a lot more than just a person describing trashy/chavvy persons

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